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Using Google Maps

Moving Directionally- Select an Arrow key, to move the map in the desired direction. The icon in the middle (the funny looking icon with four inbound arrows) allows you to recenter the map on the original point. You can also move the map by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the map in the direction that you wish to view.


Zooming in and Out - Many of the satellite images are high resolutions and can be viewed at a closer range. To zoom in on an image, click on the + icon on the map. To zoom out, click on the - icon. Each click, moves the zoom by a factor of one. If you would like to zoom into the full extent (which is a great way to view the stadiums), simply click on the tick mark directly below the +sign.

Please note that some college stadiums have not been photographed in high resolution, and will result in a message that the layer cannot be displayed. Simply select the option on the top right of the map to change the view from Hybrid, to Map, which will provide a detailed street map.